Filthy Man-whores

Innocent stare

Dolores is a careless tale of a young girl’s loss of innocence. Even with the character’s fragile moment, the film has already shattered. Not only is it broken into pieces but pulverized to an imperceptible form. Reservations may be raised since the acts within the film are immoral. But that could also be a remarkable advantage of showing the ugly facet of carnal pleasures since it successfully disgusts the spectator. Sad to say, that is not the case. Dolores is a failure. It is in crude state when it is made and so it crumbles without notice.

Actually, Dolores starts with a good performance from Mailes Kanapi, the mother of Dolores, and then deteriorates pathetically into a Z-movie. Dolores (Lara Buenaventura) is a young lass that lives with an almost portrait-like semblance of a Filipino family in rural areas. She lives with her parents with two brothers around and her grandfather. One day, her mother Maila (Mailes Kanapi) decides to go abroad. But Maila has sharp eyes and senses that Dolores’ grandfather has a licentious liking with her daughter but just like a true Filipino, she does nothing. She is not at ease in leaving but is left no choice as she dreams to have a better life. She reminds her husband to be watchful of Dolores during her breast-baring souvenir-like coitus. After she leaves, his brother (Dido dela Paz) pays a visit and decides to stay as his devilish tiger eyes are already laid to Dolores.

Noel Casaje writes and directs this ubiquitous tale with the help of Jerry Garcia (screenplay). The idea is simple actually since it just explores innocence amongst the youth. But it has gone on the wrong side of the fence when it accentuated the lust aspect of the filthy men. It does not really hurt to polish the story. Surely no blood will burst out while ejaculating. Roughly and blatant like the idea of Casaje, that is how the film goes. Sometimes, it looks like a lampoon, and in a millisecond it appears to adapt a Z-movie kind of attitude. If that is their demonstration of our wildest desires, then it could have pushed the envelopes further. But it doesn’t as it still has a formless grip. The shape of the film is difficult to imagine more so comprehend it.

I am sure Dolores has good intentions to fully express the freedom filmmakers ought to have. But they should also be mindful that we are not in a Battle Royale arena. There is already no harmony in our local films so fusing in a little integrity might not hurt their ego. It exudes more of the selfish proclivities of the filmmaker in seeing the final product. How did he care for the characters? Was it superficial or over-the-top? Is it one-dimensional? Did the characters have true emotions? Or does it lack consistency? This could have been pondered over and over.

Dolores is the weakest and messiest film I have seen in the Cinemanila Digital Local Competition. The film’s effect is like speaking without any consonants. And the worst part is I have to make a review and extend the unspeakable qualities of the film. It could really make my review the worst I could possibly write. How I wish all films are good. Sometimes, laughing through could make the trick. Voila, Dolores is an enjoyable, funny and ‘wacky eerily crazy amorphous dark comedy – a new genre to behold. Not!

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