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Paano na Kaya is about young love. It is dumb, immature and forgettable. If their objective is to candidly portray the romantic miseries of today’s younger generation, then I have to say that without any doubt the film nailed it. Their struggles towards love are futile. The characters speak in an awkward manner. What a dreadful way to see the end of mankind for their annoying hyper-realistic love excrements. It is cute at first with their nose-to-nose affections. But along the way, there is a case of the missing heart. I nearly lost mine.

The cute and lovely pair is played by Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson as Mae and Bogs. They are best friends. I thought man’s best friend is a dog. But in the film it was Mae who acts as a dog-substitute for Bogs. They are also business partners, very lucky to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths. To cut it short, Mae has a secret fondness for Bogs. She might have realized it at some point even there’s a big hurdle at her sight. Her fancy eyeglasses made the trick to dissolve her pretty face. So Bogs sees other girls instead. Bogs is the typical jock who always goes for the pretty girl next door - just like her recent girlfriend Anna. But Bogs is also a boob, double-crossed by another guy, so he was dumped by his flirtatious girlfriend. So Bogs gets depressed, becomes an adrenaline junkie, stubbornly resisting recovery.

The start of the film seems to be enthusing and so we get to like what is going on even how stupid it can get. Mae is likeable to an extent and seems focused despite having a scrambled lifestyle as a second-rate daughter, boutique owner, restaurant manager, firefighter volunteer and of course as Bogs’ substitute dog. How overwhelming it can get to be at her situation. But things changed after she declares her mighty love to Bogs. Although Bogs is quite detached for the possibility of love between the two of them, he realized that she might be the perfect one.

Finally, the magic of love gradually dissolves. Mae flaunts her allure and without her hideous eyeglasses; she has an aura of a woman’s grace. It has now become an easy task for Bogs to be captivated. But Bogs remains static just like a blind man. His good looks could be quite handy, masking his dreariness and shallow responses. Bogs feels the love as well and the rest of it is pure torture. Fanatics will surely forgive the blunders it has. Success is now in two-folds. But I am certain that Paano na Kaya is not a great film entertainment. Star Cinema has produced romantic comedies in the past that I did praise and I mean it. For now, there are only pretty faces.

Paano na Kaya is a formula film that has gone sour. Perhaps the film cautions the jaded romantics so they don’t have to drown themselves in this terrible ordeal. It is a mock love of some sort; hopefully all the living organisms with brain function should realize without any provocation. The entertainment it offers is only a quarter and the remaining three-fourths is the leftover. The feast usually occurs in the bits and pieces of the film for a satisfaction guaranteed. It is a love sensation indeed. A dirty mannerism that lives on its own that becomes an apparent choice as a role model to articulate love. I hope they could have explored the fun side of love more fervently without loosing its strips of suitable conflicts. Dipping into a pool of lollipops and candy bars might be an act of stupidity but at least you will taste its sweetness before drowning.

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