An Open Letter to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board


I would like to file a complain regarding the film Paano na Kaya. This is about the classification of the film which is rated General Patronage (GP). I remember three scenes (very emotional scenes), when Kim Chiu’s character uttered swear words. After writing a mixed review of the film posted on this blog, an anonymous reader called me “Gago!”. I felt insulted and I personally realized that it is not just a mild curse, but more of an insult. In the film, the word “Gago” was said thrice by Kim’s character Mae. I'm concerned what might happen to all those young people who might have picked up the curse. So I checked your guidelines and it seems that the rating you have given is not appropriate for the film. Based on your guidelines, A GP classified film must meet this certain qualification:

A. GENERAL AUDIENCE (“G”) – All ages admitted. “G” materials should, in the judgment of the BOARD, be suitable for all audiences.

LANGUAGE – Obscene, profane, blasphemous and sexually suggestive language shall not be allowed. Some snippets of language may go beyond polite conversation but should be common everyday expressions.

I am assuming that the word they used is disrespectful so I compared it with the other definitions for the next classifications just as below:

B. PARENTAL GUIDANCE 13 – Viewers below 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or an adult. The movie must, in the judgment of the BOARD, meet the following criteria.

LANGUAGE – Very mild and mild SWEAR words only. Use of a strong expletive in a sexual context and successive use of such expletives will not be allowed.

C. RESTRICTED – 13 (“R-13”) – Only those who are 13 and above may view an “R-13” film. The movie must, in the judgment of the BOARD, meet the following criteria:

LANGUAGE – Strong, sexually derived and vulgar use of swear words or those referring to the genitalia are prohibited. Moderate swear words may be used. Use of stronger words is allowed provided it is INFREQUENT.

I presume any parent will be offended once they bring their daughters or let’s say a group of students without guardians and later discover that it is okay to say the word “Gago” frequently. Please don’t be offended as I am just making a point.

I look forward to the strict implementations of your Rules and Regulations or revisions must be done.

A film lover and a concerned Filipino Citizen,

Note: I tried to send this to MTRCB's website and their feedback link is not working. No emails available to send this complaint as well.
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