Padyak is a film by Aloy Adlawan. It stars Jay Aquitania, Irma Adlawan, Rita Avila, Katherine Luna, Mcoy Fundales, Angel Jacob, Emilio Garcia, Arnold Reyes, Bodjie Pascua, Sabrina Man, Hazel Ann Mendoza, Mercedes Cabral and Baron Geisler.
It will be shown in Robinsons Galleria Indiesine starting March 4, 2009.


Fidel Antonio Medel said...

I hope you get the chance to watch this film. I saw it during the premiere last Monday. Ibang klaseng pelikula. Ang galing!

Anonymous said...

really? i respect your opinion. total shit, if you ask me. it was 2 1/2 hours of torture and a complete waste of time and money. the film just felt like a chopseuy of all the bad telenovelas we have. i could see how the script could have been promising - knowing that it won the palanca (but who knows?) - but the directing was completely terrible.

baron geisler was the only entertaining part of the film, unfortunately, not entertaining enough to save the film from its utter ugliness.

i wasn't expecting much from aloy, having seen some of his earlier works. i can't say he's great, but he's definitely a decent filmmaker. PADYAK was just a complete waste.

- annie

Charlie Koon said...

hi annie and fidel. thanks for your comments... uhm yes i'll watch it first later and post my review.

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