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What do you get if male fantasies are unleashed? Sumpa. This film summarizes men’s desire to have sex with a pretext of love being only a remote option. It’s just the work of the imagination to get our desire with a huge consequence to follow. Surprisingly, this femme fatale horror film has the idea of what they might probably want to showcase. But it lacks the deep commitment to make a story more compelling and credulous to the audience. Sumpa has the only aspiration to make men look weak and cheap and women as threats.

Sumpa is the debut film of Carlos Agustin and Melvin Brito. Raymond (Joross Gamboa) is a horny guy who needs to take a break from his chaotic lifestyle in the metro. He is advised by his sickly uncle Dennis (Mark Gil) to go for a vacation in his resort in Laguna. Upon his arrival in the resort, a mysterious woman (Mocha Uson) appears and instantly seduces Raymond.

Despite copious naked female bodies on display, the film garners a mild rating from the board of censors. Or maybe the MTRCB is just being more permissive in general. The surprising part is it is shown in the principled domains of SM Cinemas. And the other catch is the theatre is nearly vacant. Let’s put it this way; if you neglected this film, you just made the right choice. If they could have refined the story to its orgasmic condition, it could have been a passing film.

Sumpa aims to engage the audience with femme fatale archetype characters. Although this element equates with the ideas to be found appears to lack some flavor of a wholly pleasurable film experience. The characters are like androids which are only automated to copulate with each other. The level of testosterone could be so high which made the film acquire a predominant disease that deteriorates the quality of the film.

The technicalities of the film are worse as expected. The only thing executed correctly is when the camera is able to record the scenes as well as the sounds. There are also irregularities in some scenes that happen within the day but instantly shift to night. Gamboa has adequately portrayed his character without hints of difficulty. He just gets laid the entire time with different female creatures.

Sumpa stretches the male’s sexual desire to a point wherein they get bored and then ends up getting more bored. Its sexiness might illicit a bit of interest to some people especially for males who know or are infatuated by the sexy songster Uson. I know the difficulty to entice the audience to watch films without special effects or romantic formulaic stories. But if you have the special weapon, just like a typical femme fatale, the audience will possibly be enticed by the charm of a film. But the big BUT is that it is not enough, as this film portrayed.

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