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For me, Little Boy Big Boy is at the same boat with most of our mainstream romantic comedies with lesser decorousness. Indie films now start to use the romantic formula with a slight implication of societal function. Little Boy Big Boy could be the first to do this in its flock. To make a better comparison; if You Changed My Life made my body calories shrink into mottled skittles, and Dinig Sana Kita confined me in silence in the Himalayan Mountain, Little Boy Big Boy made me a tadpole. I could hop in all the vacant seats with every sweet gesture. It is really my mistake that I could not react so well in kilig types of films. But I could feel that my reaction in contrast could be better for people who prefer to watch this harmless entertainment.

Raymond (Paolo Rivero) has a good career as a graphic artist but he is known to be unlucky in love. He is flirty with the guys he meets and chats with. One day, he breaks-up with his partner upon knowing from a ‘kiss and tell’ guy that they had a night together. Then his sister visits and asks a favor to take care of his niece Zach (Renz Valerio) for a couple of weeks. Zach and Raymond did not get along well in the next couple of days. But with some doughnuts and hotdogs, the two could fit the perfect mold of father and son.

Raymond in simpler terms is promiscuous. He could not sustain a stable relationship with any guy he’s with. Due to his frustrations, he joins an odd speed dating event hosted by this petite guy in a Sailormoon inspired outfit. I am getting the theme of it and it’s obligatory in a way that you wear only briefs in the entire event. It could be a form of fetish for some viewers to see skimpy clad men posing in the utter darkness and searing boiler compartment of a made-up ship. It’s a bit funny that they play this boat sinking game and group them into classified orgies. They fondle each other just like sex-autobots. There should be a stall outside giving away muscular Smurf gummies in mankinis as their advertising tactic. Going back to the kinky event, he meets Tim (Douglas Robinson). Raymond made certain moves to Tim to get what he desires all along.

And there I get the entire story. I know there is a possibility for love to evolve between these two hedonistic thinkers. Zach is in Raymond’s house and the tandem he had with his uncle could have helped Tim to consider such possibility of a relationship. Zach is a very likable kid. He is not just a brat. He understands very well even considering the ambiguity of the setup as something part of life itself. So there it goes, Tim gets attached as well with Zach.

Zach has no father to speak of. Even with the openness of the relationship between Raymond and Tim, he accepts it for it is. It works in a way since there could be this hidden maternal instinct between two guys in a relationship and with Zach looking for a fatherly figure. But there the assessment stops as the two guys had more things to ponder on in their instantaneous affair. And that bemuses me a lot that these two still have a lot of inhibitions inciting to a lot of rules that need to be followed. Isn’t it given that once you love each other, you will only hold onto that and that alone - just thinking out loud. Anyway, this should be also applicable to anyone. I remember the guys’ night-out we often have in the office and a lot of crappy stories are out in the open. Even in heterosexual relationships, more rules could have been obliged by their beaus as their guys are literal whores. A chastity belt does not sound like a good idea for sanity’s sake. Men will always be in differing polarities – just take your side with caution.

Still in the same account with the cult film Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse), the film has explored social acceptance and admittance. It is a must in order to achieve the desired happiness -- so they say. It could be a little pushy for some, lest the solution is still in the uncharted Limbo of human dignity. But the film is cool just like the two Apple computers owned by Raymond that I wouldn’t mind having. Seriously, the film could still improve with its cinematography and even camera works. If you wish not be offended with glorified nudity, it has little of it anyway, this could be a quick look of nearly there state maturity of love between the two guys – still a lot to improve upon. The story is intentionally on the lighter approach and the Zach boy is cuddly and endearing to an extent. And they should really thank Zach for that matter. It’s also hard to judge as we also have our own imperfections and crosses to carry in our lives. Hopefully, we carry it with grace and with dignity. At most, we carry it out of love.

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