Ryan Pastor knows this by heart. As a small time filmmaker, he knows how sound and images can be manipulated to say anything. And he’s tired of the lies—the lies at work, in his relationships, the lies one must keep in society just to exist. On a whim, he decides to go to Cebu to document the Sinulog festival. There he stumbles upon a truth he didn’t ask for and is reluctant to touch. One of his subjects, Lito Caliso, a former politician who may or may not be dying, decides to confess his sins—all the crimes he committed while in office—before Ryan’s camera.
What follows is a story of revelations and bitter truths, of buried secrets and sweet lies. Confessional takes you to the heart of a criminal...or an honest man.
Confessional is a mockumentary film directed by Jerrold Tarog and Ruel Antipuesto. This won the grand prize in last year’s Cinema One Originals 2007.

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