A Moral Quandary

Ménage à trois

If you love shopping and you have the means, you tend to buy anything. You are likely to be an impulsive buyer. Adolfo Alix Jr., likewise, is one impulsive filmmaker. He is notorious for making a handful of independent films every now and then. So what? He has the means and he’s got a statement. A statement he wants to be heard, captured and seen.

Imoral explores the dynamics of this perplex relationship summarized in the tagline: The Man… His Wife… and his Lover... Eager to start anew and avoid the repercussions of gossip in the community, the couple and his male lover moved into a new apartment. Dante is the husband who is a taxi driver played by Paolo Paraiso. His wife Abi, a former waitress, is played by Katherine Luna while his male lover, Jonathan, is an engineer played by Arnold Reyes. Their jobs respectively reflect their social status thus it is the husband’s male lover’s obligation to provide for their living. Things take a drastic turn when Dante discovers a bag full of money inside his taxi.

Genuine intentions of this film surpass the licentious theme being undertaken. Perverts are sure to be thwarted when viewing this film. The film has no purpose to showcase Kama Sutra techniques worthy for a trio. Although the film branding is towards the sexually 'curious' men who would definitely go delirious upon knowing beforehand that two straight guys will be kissing in this film. Admit it; it’s a come-on treat having Paolo Paraiso kissing their one and only Dodong, Arnold Reyes. Anyway I don’t want to discuss the gayness in this ‘gay film’ or so they say as this film has a lot more to discuss and will be altogether analyzed in the years to come.

When Dante found the money in his taxi, there were a lot of things to be pondered. His father has an ailing disease, he has high hopes to have his placing fee for Dubai, vis-à-vis his wife’s sentiments and his lover's principles. What would be his decision? Well, you have to watch it yourself. You might be surprised that you’ll come up with your own conclusion.

Acting-wise, the three lead actors are pretty good. There is neutrality implicated towards the release of their emotions. In effect, you are obligated to fill up the cracks and be the extension of affection to these beguiling characters. You might view it as a sad film. Individuality is a factor to the film’s entire appeal. In my view, I saw this as a positively funny film with crude wit.

Alix probably disdains film expositions and explanations. This film will move your brain cells freely. Imoral has a statement you might detest but it could not be ignored. A statement that is humorous and unique.

If I may ask you, what would you do if you found a bag full of money? Unlike morality, money is a thing you can actually touch.

Charlie Koon's Rating:
· Arnold Reyes played the role Dodong, the love interest of Ada. Dodong is the character in the musical play Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah.
· This is the 8th directorial film of Adolfo Alix Jr in a span of two years. Two more films are on it's way: Kalayaan and Manila.

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