And the Winners Are...?

Okay... before I post my reviews, I am again upset with how they award trophies for this year's Cinemalaya Film Festival. I have no problem with the Best Film which is Last Supper No. 3 since its one of the films I gave a higher rating. Colorum and Ang Panggagahasa kay Fe also deserves the Jury Prize. But for the rest, I doubt their decision.

1. Best Actress - Ina Feleo
She is not even the lead role in Sanglaan. But I do admire her acting on this film. But its not just right. Tessie Tomas is the lead actress. Do they know how to categorize? I could not find the names of the jury members. I would not be surprised if Laurice Guillen is there. Irma Adlawan (although I think her role as Fe is her comfort zone) or Che Ramos should have won.

2. Best Director - GB Sampedro
The style is too Amoresian, that is why the film is nearly well-made. Why not have Diokno win for its vision of a society without morals. Or even Yapan for evoking the perfect mood and brave usage of mythical creatures. Or even Tarog for its depiction of human condition and the collapse of tribe ritual. But not Sampedro...

3. Best Actress in a Leading Role - Tessie Tomas
Again, she should not win even in the Lead Actress category. Trying to be subtle but she has made an over-the-top dramatic acting performance in the climax. I'm disinclined to praise her.

4. Best Actor - Lou Veloso
It is Alfred Vargas who is the lead actor in Colorum. Maybe if he was in the Supporting Category, Veloso deserves to win. Still questionable category

5. Best Actor in Supporting Role - Arnold Reyes
I don't agree. Lou Veloso should be on this category. Reyes is not as good as Edgar Allan Guzman in the same film. And there are other actors who are more worthy for this award.

Just like Cinema One Originals last year, the awards are always and will be questionable. They have to raise the standards more higher. I hate to think if it is politically motivated and run by padrino system. But I hope they will be more detach or else, winning in the next coming years is not that worthy to have. Charlotte Rampling's character in Swimming Pool could be partly true. Sarah Morton said: 'Awards are like hemorrhoids. Sooner or later every asshole gets one.'


Douglas Racso said...

im pretty depressed with the result

thebaklareview said...

the jurors were 3 pinoys and 2 foreigners: chito rono, cherrie pie picache, mark vincent escaler, aruna vasudev of netpac, aude hesbert of paris cinema.

pageman said...

my thoughts on the awards ...

Charlie Koon said...

thanks TBR!!!

hi pageman, thanks for dropping by.

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