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Sanglaan is written and directed by Milo Sogueco whom I am reluctant to praise even though the technicalities are quite efficient and above par. The story is not really light. The heavy musical scoring is on the cusp of evoking urgent emotional environs even the drama has not taken place yet. But it is not only that, the situation is verging on the unlikable aspect of melodrama which I think was not intended by the film. In simpler terms, Sanglaan could be the damp squib of the competition due to a good casts of efficient actors.

Sanglaan is about the lives of the people that some way or another has an involvement in the pawnshop owned by the strict Olivia (Tessie Tomas). The assistant is Amy played by Ina Feleo. Other characters intermingling with the two are the old couple (Flor Salanga and Jess Evardone), a seaman played by Joem Bascon and Amy’s suitor Henry (Neil Ryan Sese). The little twist in the story is the love angle not between Amy and Henry but more on Amy’s stubborn fondness towards David, the prince charming turned seaman.

Since the cues I am hearing from the start of the film states that it is a melodrama, then don’t expect much on the humorous side from the comic Tessie Tomas. And do expect a lot of tissues getting wet as the story weaves through since it really is drama that you are watching. I am not complaining but the entire story lacks true urgency and has splattered aims for the individuals for the sake of getting through life’s harshest challenge. It’s baffling to me that most of the films (its the new trend) want to show a metaphor just for the sake of having one, but has no control of its intention.

There are lots to complain with the acting, except for Amy, who I think has the best character development in them all. Tomas is a wonderful actress but just like her performance in 100, the directors could have been too shy to guide her in the drama arena. She fails to shine in a way wherein she must go against the banality of melodramatic actors. Well aside from the fact that David is the long gone prince charming of Amy, his character lacks development. Flor Salanga goes over the top in most parts; she should have been guided with her acting approach. I think Sogueco has to balance both sides of the stream.

Sanglaan will surely inundate you with dried out tears. Despite having a well-made cinematography (bright), flawless camera works and other behind-the-scene aspect which makes up for its technical superiority, the film could not be at the same level with other better films in the competition. It is not even a good dramatic film. Sanglaan won two acting awards for Best Actress? (Ina Feleo) and Best Supporting Actress? (Tessie Tomas). Just like the jury who gave the awards, Sanglaan could not differentiate the appropriate melodramatic flavors to stand out in the dramatic category. And I prefer Tessie Tomas in the comedy genre wherein she shines all throughout.
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