Cinemanila Day Five: Controversial

The last two films for Digital Lokal are tagged as Rated X by the MTRCB. I wonder why? Imburnal did not make it in its 9PM screening since it was not allowed for public screening. Good thing Next Attraction was appealed and is now R18. But I'm still confused with their rating. Anyway, I will post my reviews soon...
From the five films I have seen, my top two film choices are:
1. Carnivore
2. Ala Pobre Ala Suerte

Favorable Performances:
Carlo Aquino as Lino
Bo Vicencio as Bro. Girlie and Kirat
Carlo Migue as Abel
Jodi Santamaria as Sisa
Anita Linda as Adela

By the way, Melancholia screening is on October 25, 2008 (Saturday) from 12nn-9pm. Ticket price is P300.


Anonymous said...

P300 wow...kaya hindi maabot ng grassroot ang mga pinoy art film dahil sa "burgis mentality" ng mga artist natin e.

Charlie Koon said...
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Charlie Koon said...

Melancholia is almost 9 hours thats why its 300. i remember years back, lav diaz's batang west side was screened for free. :)

Anonymous said...

lav diaz is one of the generous director here; i saw his death in the land of encantos for free(and ato bautista's carnivore)last arts month. The thing i cant fathom is why conduct cinemanila in a well-known burgois place; why not CCP.

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