Cinemanila Day Two: Good Vibes

Although Gateway Mall is far from my house and work, I am glad that this year's Cinemanila is more organized. (There are last minute changes in film screenings before) I am also confused if they really offer golden tickets (good for 10 screenings I suppose) but they said they don't have it yet. In their official website, the screenings are for a hundred bucks. Unfortunately, its only for students. (It is 151 pesos... so I have to cut down on my Starbucks for this... argh.)
For the updates, I have seen Ala Pobre, Ala Suerte and Sisa (both for Digital Lokal Competition). I will post my reviews of these films soon. I am glad to see Lav Diaz in both screenings. (Filmmakers are more of a celebrity to me) Briccio Santos is also there together with his casts. The heroine Aiza Marquez who played Helen is so cute up-close. In the film, the drug pusher Abel played by Carlo Migue is also there. I was surprised to hear him talk and I have to say that he played the character so well. (Smells like a new indie actor on the rise to stardom) The versatile actor Bo Vicencio is also there. Ana Capri watched both films together with Tikoy Aquiluz.

The second screening started thirty minutes late from its suppose 9PM showing. I think they are planning to have a small chit-chat/introduction but did not push through. I did not see Jodi Santamaria-Lacson but some of the casts are there.
I will also post my predictions once I have seen all films in competition. (Digital Lokal only since its all Filipino Films)

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